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"This is fantastic! Kalia looks like she's suspended in the air. We can't wait  to see the rest. We'd like to thank you for a fun afternoon and for being so kind and talented. I think many families would enjoy the experience. So I'm on a mission! Let me know how I can help promote your business, beyond my own circle." 



"Wow, wow, WOW!!!  Thank you so much for the fun relaxed photo shoot. Stunning, amazingly beautiful pictures!!!! We can't thank you enough...I can't stop looking at them :)"

Sharon Kiraly


"We are so grateful for your amazing photographs. They are stunning and more than we could ever have wished for. You both have a spectacular talent and we feel blessed to have had you photograph our family. The colours are just gorgeous and to be honest after a brief glance we are overwhelmed with choice."

Sarah Sturton-Gill


"WOW, I love them!! Super creative. Chic. And love the artistic eye you have in capturing the best of all of us....not an easy task. I really like the way you colourised some of the photos. I'll look forward to seeing your collage samples."

Miki Burlage


"WOW, these are all so GORGEOUS!!!

Thank you so so much for performing miracles yet again!  Some wonderful photos to treasure for always. I'm going to have another look at the pics now, but you really have captured the moment so beautifully. Thank you both!"

Nicky Roberts


"Thank you Tara and Imi for the photographs. You have done an amazing job. The few people that have seen them so far have had so much pleasure. You have captured people so naturally. Thank you."

Jayne Wright


"Thank you so much for capturing such fabulous images of us! Despite our children dreading the morning, you made them behave like angels & you really have made us all look pretty-damn-good! We love the photos we've seen so far & can't wait to see more! THANK YOU!"

Kathy & Lachlan


"OMG you have brought tears to my eyes!  They are so gorgeous and you have, again, both done such an amazing job.  You have again captured the children brilliantly.  Thank you so much for a great morning and photos which we will cherish for a lifetime."

Lucy McLennan


"Thank you both very much for the time, energy and extraordinary effort you put into the Bells photoshoot yesterday.  We are so delighted by the photos you have sent through so far - the one of the three children is gorgeous!  Simon and I really appreciate the kindness and patience you showed towards the children and thanks also for taking the extra time to get that final family shot.  It was a great inaugural shoot and we look forward to the next one!"

Phoebe Bell


"WOW! WOW! WOW! I absolutely love them!  And the kids are obsessed with themselves - they've been fighting over central position at the computer all evening - cute (kind of!)  I really am thrilled with them and can't wait to see the rest.  You're very talented!"

Cecilia Rosenberg


"Thank you so much for the amazing photos.  They have brought tears to my eyes.  My husband will be the same too when he sees them.  You both truly have a great talent.  It will be very hard to choose a few."

Kate Rutherford


"Sorry for the delay in responding, we were too engrossed in oohing and aahing over the fabulous photos of our beautiful children (we didn't look too bad either - ha!)  You two are fabulous too - you have captured forever that moment in time for us - so talented!  We will recommend you to everyone and will want to do it again when Amber is a little older.  We have never seen Oscar so happy to have his photo taken and the results speak for themselves - he looks so handsome.  Amber, well it will be hard to choose, she looks as cute as a button!  A million thank-yous."

Kate Longyear Blake


"You are really a genius!! I cannot believe that you managed to transform that totally wild, uncooperative, face-making, off-the-wall gaggle of children and reluctant Dads into these fantastic pictures!  They are beyond our highest expectations, and are real works of art.  I had already taken several hundred snaps of the family gathering and not a single one comes near to what you have captured - you are a true artist, and one who can get the very best out of people.  I can't tell you how happy we are with the ones you have sent, and we look forward to seeing the rest.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for your patience, beguiling and persuasive personality, and true artistry - you have made us all very happy."

Suzy Webster


"The photos are so wonderful and fabulous.  Can I confess that I cried when I saw them?!  And thank you for the shoot - the girls loved the whole experience, and it shows in the photos.  And they loved it, so we relaxed, and that shows too.  You are both so talented, but so relaxed and lovely to work with too - thank you thank you!  Now I just need to move flats to have enough wall space to hang them all as it looks like I will never be able to choose just a couple of photos.  My husband saw the disc of photos last night and he was so pleased and impressed he said we should book regular sessions with you every year.  This from a man who last willingly had his photo taken on our wedding day - and even then he wasn't really willing!"

Bronwen May


"Thank you SO much!  I must have looked at these photos a dozen times already, and they are simply gorgeous.  Really, truly gorgeous.  They brought tears to my eyes!  Thanks for taking so much of your time to really capture our family.  You were so easy to work with and made us feel really comfortable.  Thanks again for the amazing photos.  I have gotten so many compliments on them and am recommending Zzzoom to everyone!"

Shannon Kiraly


"Love! Love! Love them! Wowza, seriously gorgeous! Thank you so much, they are perfect and exactly what we wanted!"

Patreece Botheras


"The photos are absolutely fabulous! You are clearly very, very talented!  Wow - we are so impressed and it was really good fun too.  I can't believe you have managed to get so many brilliant photos that have captured the essence of each chid so perfectly."

Susie Pearson


"Thank you so much for taking such wonderful photographs of our children before and after their life changing surgery.  Your compassion shines through in your photographs.  Thanks so much for helping us 'make a big difference to little lives'."

The Matilda Children's Foundation